Our Services

Kat understands planning events on a budget, and knows that doing these things can get expensive. She is happy to speak with her clients and work out a price to be suitable for their budget if possible. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kat to speak with her prior to signing the contract. 

These are a list of services we offer, in order to recieve an accurate quote for your event, please contact us and we are happy to provide a soft quote for your event.

Portraits and Photoshoot

Hair and Makeup

Working with numerous different types of photographers, Kat and her team are aware that during a photoshoot, you definitely want to be looking your best in order to stand in front of the camera.

We offer both hair and makeup packages for this service.

Wedding Services

Hair and Makeup

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, you deserve to be confident in your makeup and hair artists so that you can be worry free! Therefore, you need to ensure that you invest in the right person to take care of you on your special day.

We offer hair and makeup packages for both the bride and the bridal party. We also offer male grooming and makeup packages as well. 

Film and Television

Hair and Makeup

As professionally trained Makeup artists, we understand that most productions film in 4K as well as high definition now. Kat has had the experience to work with both indie production companies, as well as larger companies like Sony Pictures on a number of large productions. We offer both day/weeky rates as well as hourly rates. 

Special Occasion

Hair and Makeup

Whether it is prom, a bachelorette or a night out on the town, we know how confident it makes you feel while looking your very best. We offer hair and makeup packages for these other types of special events too!

Special Effects Makeup

Special Effects (Special FX or SPFX) requires use of different products than what are used for beauty makeup. This can include bruising, cuts, lacerations, stitches, decaying skin, making someone look like a zombie and things of that nature. We offer these services as well, and depending on the needs of the client, we are happy to make recommendations based off of scripts/situational events.

Body Painting Makeup

Body Painting is an art all on its own. Whether its full body, partial or making you look like something out of a 3D comic book, we offer these services for both men and women. Please contact us with an inquiry and pictures for reference if possible in order to provide you with an accurate quote.